Bringing Hope from Coast to Coast

In the short span of two transformative and challenging weeks, Patmos vans filled with students and leaders have traveled across the country and back in response to the natural disasters in Texas and Florida. During Sunday morning service at Coast Hills Church, Pastor Chet announced the Patmos 19 class as their first relief team being sent to Houston. The expressions of surprise and excitement on the students’ faces were priceless! A day later, our team joined Calvary Chapel Houston in their efforts to bring hope and help those who have lost everything. Nearly a month following Hurricane Harvey, the condition of certain neighborhoods was unbelievably devastating. Concluding the month of Faith, Patmos 19 had the opportunity to put their faith into action and practically work it out. Every day our team demolished the ground levels of several condos that were damaged by 6 feet of flood water, as debris continued to pile up in their yards and throughout the streets. Until you actually go where disaster has struck and encounter the people affected by it personally, you don’t realize how temporary and corruptible the things of this world truly are. So many Americans place their hope in their tangible possessions, but when circumstances they can’t control take all of those away, they’re left without hope. Beginning the month of Hope three weeks ago, Patmos 19 was able to share the love of Christ with those whose hope was wavering in Naples, Florida. We arrived only one week after Hurricane Irma hit the southwest part of the state and partnered with First Baptist Church of Naples to help in any way needed. Many homes were still out of power and there were fallen trees and brush... read more

It’s Been a While…

Two years and three terms later, the Lord has continued to provide and make Patmos: Reality Discipleship thrive in Southern California. We have settled into our new primary location in the San Bernadino mountains, and just this year become established as a ministry of Coast Hills Church in Aliso Viejo, CA. Our founder, Pastor Chet Lowe, has excepted the call this past year to be the senior pastor at Coast Hills, a community of believers who have welcomed our ministry with open arms and made us feel at home. To all of you who have followed our journey around the world—from the Bahamas, to Brazil, to Florida, to El Salvador, and now to California—thank you for your continual investment in and support of this ministry. We hope both the staff and student blog entries encourage your hearts as we strive to glorify Christ through purposed discipleship. Similar to when Abraham was commanded by God to leave his home and journey to an unknown land (Hebrews 11:8), five young men and nine young women have also chosen to follow God’s call and be challenged for the purpose of change with a number of unknowns ahead. They have decided to leave behind the comforts of home, family, routine, sleep, food, and other dependencies we as sinful people naturally cling to. This season is an opportunity for them to deny their flesh and fully cling to the cross of Christ when faced with various trials (James 1:2). As these fourteen students become immersed in God’s Word, memorize Scripture, discipline their bodies, unite as one, serve the community, and share their faith with... read more

We’re moving to California!

Patmos partners with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Calvary Chapel Bible College We are excited to officially announce that Patmos is embarking on a new adventure in California starting this fall term! Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale is sending Patmos out to work in partnership with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta. As we go, the heart of Patmos will not change. It will still be 16 weeks, 24 students, and a challenge for the purpose of change. We are purposed to allow God to transform students through His word and experiential discipleship. We are committed to raising up John the Baptists to go anywhere and do anything; we are just following His pillar of fire as it moves us 2,700 miles away. We cannot wait to share with you what God does along the way!  Please like &... read more

Water To Wine

Change defines our faith. We come to Christ as we are, but He doesn’t leave us there because He loves us. This week we are discussing how faith and obedience are required to experience a godly transformation in our lives.

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The Lukewarm Church

“…you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked” Revelation 3:17 Is worldly or spiritual “success” causing you to compromise in your faith? Have you lost sight of your relationship with the Lord because of religion routines or busyness? Listen to this convicting message as we discussed what defines lukewarm Christian.   Please like &... read more

The Corrupt Church

Jezebel is a women IN the church who is spreading a doctrine that is just not true. One of the biggest problems in the church is ignorance of the Word of God. Join us in Revelation 2 as we discuss how we can learn to discern good and evil.

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