Luke 5…Absolute Surrender

...“Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” Luke 5:4

Jesus, being from the inland town of Nazareth, is on the boat with Peter, the fisherman from a coastal town off the Galilee. I wonder if he thought, ‘what in the world will this carpenter tell me about fishing?’ I only ask that question because so many times I have thought the same thing. 

Does Jesus really know what he is talking about in the 21st Century? 

Do His ancient of days principles hold true for me today?  

Can I really trust Him at His Word? 

Yet, despite Christ’s occupation, in humility, Peter responds to the Word of God with willingness and reaps a bountiful reward. But this was simply the first step because what Jesus really wanted was his willingness to surrender all and follow Him. As with Levi, thankfully both left everything and followed Jesus at His word. We must do likewise!

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