Walk by Faith...

To walk by faith, not by sight is much easier talked about than accomplished. I recently had the opportunity to choose to trust the Lord when I couldn't hear, see, or comprehend, wanting to rely on my feelings and understanding. I chose to trust Him and walk in obedience, and though difficult and uncertain at times, He was faithful and exceedingly gracious.


Faced with having to make a life-altering choice between staying where I was or deciding to leave and go elsewhere, I was confused knowing God had placed me there and blessed me abundantly but now was seemingly pulling me out. I struggled because though I was seeking the Lord intently on what to do, He remained silent.  My desire has been to be where He wants me, but I needed to know where that was. Advised to do as I was told if I hadn't yet heard from God and to trust Him, I realized I could rest in knowing that in my submission to my spiritual authority the Lord is still sovereign.

He had remained silent, but once I yielded, He spoke clearly.


I submitted, wholeheartedly trusting Him, yet uncertain, waiting for confirmation or a change in course, confident He would direct my path. Though I had peace in the direction I was moving towards, my heart still yearned to hear from my Heavenly Father. He had remained silent, but once I yielded, He spoke clearly. He confirmed my decision repeatedly through circumstances, conversations, and most importantly, His word.

The Lord wanted humility and obedience, giving me the opportunity to yield through trust by faith alone. Once I did, my ears lovingly heard a word behind me saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” (Isaiah 30:21)

- Melanie Bueso

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