Living Hope

1 Peter 1:3 says that our hope is alive. What have you learned this week about living hope?

Christine Q. —

This week we have learned that our living hope is Jesus Christ. Having a deeper understanding that Jesus laid down His life for me so I could have life, and also knowing that He chose us before we chose Him. Seeing our true value, potential and worth motivates me to love Him more. I am reminded that God is always wanting to speak to us, not just in classes, during chapel, or at church but also in the normal, everyday things if we only have spiritual eyes and ears. He so desperately wants to have a relationship with us because He loves us.

Carroll H. —

What I personally learned this week is that my hope is not a wish, it’s as alive as He is. An unwavering knowing. My hope is found on Jesus, and I rest on His promises. My inheritance as God’s children is eternal, full of glory, and secured forever. Staying spiritually minded is essential as I wait wait for His coming.

Devin M. —

This week I was able to learn that my hope comes from the love of Jesus Christ. So, I should have open ears to hear Him in all that I do, and have eyes to see the things which He has laid before me. I do not want to miss out on the opportunity to learn about Christ and make spiritual connections with things that I walk through daily.

Diamond S. —

During the week I learned about how having this confident expectation, knowing that at any moment we could meet Jesus face to face, should change the way we live and how we view our own lives and selves. To Him we are His treasure that He was willing to give anything for, and as He “finds” and redeems, He gives us an eternal hope. Knowing this stirs me to want to make an impact for the kingdom and no longer live for myself. This living hope gets me excited to still be alive here on earth and be able to share the gospel and bring this hope to others as well.

Erick C. —

My hope is alive and waiting. I should not only be expectant, but also be eager in preparing for the day in which Christ takes me home. I never know when it’ll be that time so I should continually be living out my life like it’s my last. I need to purify and sanctify myself intentionally and deliberately with no rest until the day comes.

Gaby E. —

Walking through the parables this week had me examining my heart and the way I live and act. Living hope is to be carried out by those who are alive—am I alive? Do I carry out this hope in this lost world? Am I truly willing to go anywhere for the sake of His people and share this living hope, to be continually spent for others when there’s already so much for me to do, to be selfless like the church of Philadelphia? A faithful church at all times, displaying brotherly love at all times, mirroring Jesus.

Jacqueline S. —

This week I learned that hope is an active part of my daily walk. It is not just a thought or a feeling towards the anticipation of our coming Savior. It’s not just a hope in the future but it’s a hope that is alive and active. This living hope through the Spirit of Jesus Christ who lives inside of me should bring joy in everyday circumstances. This living hope allows me to walk in the abundant life that Jesus promises instead of just surviving through the days until the Lord comes back for me.

Michaela Y. —

Many time there is a seperation in my mind between the physical and spiritual. But as the Lord has called me to abide in Him I am learning He wants to be in constant communication, and can teach me through all areas of my life. The Lord is showing me that my whole life can look different based on the perspective I have, if I am willing to listen and obey Him and where my hope is set.

Tyler D. —

What I learned about living hope this week I was able to put into practice. In Matthew 13 Jesus talks about a few parables, and those parables tell the story on how I should act and live my life in preparation for Jesus. That's my living hope, that I can live in a way that my hope is on Jesus and His triumphant return everyday. The parable of the pearl of great price spoke to me the most. It explains how God views me and how overtime I’m becoming more and more pure and beautiful with age.

Rachel AdamsComment