Anchored Hope

What have you learned this week about how God is an anchor for your soul?

Christine Q. —

This week I have learned that Jesus is the anchor of my soul, He is my hope and that I can trust Him with all of my heart, especially when things don’t make sense. Also I have realized the importance of really knowing the Word, not just in my mind but in my heart for it is the Word that anchors our soul. I can trust the Word of God because He is trustworthy. Knowing that He is able to do what He has promised.

Carroll H. —

His words are all I need. This week, I really had to walk in confidence (anchor myself) with the word of God and realized how essential accuracy is. When it comes to sharing his light with people I must be ready. When it comes to leading my family some day I must be ready. His words are alI I need.

Devin M. —

What does an anchor do? It holds down the ship so the therefore our anchor is the Word of God! Without the Word of God and having that true solid foundation of where to reference to even explain what He is all about we are then nothing without it. This week I began to really understand what it means to know the scripture in the Bible and memorize it to be able to battle life and temptation. Overall we deeply need God’s Word despite our circumstances.

Diamond S. —

We’ve been learning about this hope in Jesus Christ, the Word of God, as an anchor for our souls (Hebrews 6:19). I’ve been learning the importance of knowing the Word of God, hiding it in my heart, and really taking time to memorize scripture. As I’ve walked through this week, honestly, I’ve felt lots of spiritual warfare. I’ve had to come face to face with some wrong beliefs I’ve had, lies that the enemy has told me, things that would usually move me, and fight it with the sword of God’s Word (Ephesians 6:17). I’ve always faced spiritual warfare as a believer but knowing the Word has made such a difference in it. Things that used to move me greatly, I find myself combatting with the Word of God and there has been victory. Not that I don’t still mess up, but HIs Word is changing my heart, and for that I am grateful even in the midst of challenge.

Erick C. —

God is my hope and the anchor of my soul. I must have faith when I’m being tossed around in the storms of my own life. And to do that, I have to securely tether myself to His Word. I’ve been struggling mentally for the past couple weeks, but going through this week, I’ve learned that really pressing into Him brings peace. I must latch tightly to His Word if I don’t want to be blown or washed away.

Gaby E. —

I learned to have security in Him, in His Word the only thing that will comfort me and draw me closer to Jesus. I found myself this week wanting to be at His feet and not be moved, I hungered to not just know His Word but truly hide it in the depth of my heart and stand on it. Sitting at the feet of Jesus is where He transforms me, where I come to Him in humility, anchored in Him.

Jacqueline S. —

This week in learning how God is an anchor for my soul I have learned how victorious I am as a Christian. God does not lie, it is proven over and over in the scriptures. I have really fallen more in love with God’s Word and experienced it to be my anchor when my circumstances are always moving. This week as I was just saturated in God's Word and meditating on it over and over I got to witness the transformation it did in my own heart. The Bible is packed with God telling me how victorious I am and how I am his chosen people, it makes me not want to put it down! I learned how important it is to have these truths to draw from to replace the lies that so often come into my mind.

Michaela Y. —

My circumstances and emotions often seem to dictate my view and understanding of the Lord. But this week I saw the importance of knowing His Word and standing on it. I learned that His Word is so powerful, it is steadfast and is fulfilling. And when I choose to believe Him at His word, this is when I am not moved.

Tyler D. —

This week I learned a lot about how God is an anchor for my soul and how I need to be grounded in the Word of God. If this is true then Jesus is the anchor of my soul for He is the Word of God. I’m learning to find my identity, security, and even the renewing of my mind through Him; the Word of God. This past week God showed me what it looks like for me to take a step back from trying to guide myself and let Him lead me.

Rachel AdamsComment