Love Bears All Things

In 1 Timothy 1:15-16, Paul describes what Christ’s long-suffering has produced in him. What have you learned this week about how Jesus bears long with you?

Christine Q. —

I’m learning more and more especially this week how unworthy and undeserving I am of God’s love. Knowing the worst about us yet He still chooses to love us for who we are because He sees us for what we will become. On my own strength it’s impossible to continually love others but knowing that Christ has bore long with me I can love others just as He loved me and it is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God working in me.

Carroll H. —

It’s hard to bear others burdens, but it’s what I’m called to do. Christ went to the full extent to save this world, and the least thing I can do is obey. God is growing me in enduring discomfort without complaining.

Devin M. —

Jesus bore my shame and He bore my sins and my iniquities and my transgressions. He loved me even though I was the one among the scoffers mocking Him and denying Him. This week God has shown me what sacrifice for a brother is, what sacrifice for a sister is. Are you willing to be there for others even when they decide to hurt you and is that going to change your perspective on how you love them? For me, I now know what it looks like to bear long while loving others and it is a beautiful thing.

Diamond S. —

Throughout these past 2 months, the Lord has been bringing up many areas of my heart and life that don't please Him and don't reflect Christ; mindsets and attitudes, things I didn't want to look at because of pride. As He has shown me these things, He has also loved me through them. I see that because He disciplines me, and I know He disciplines those that He loves (Hebrews 12:5b-6). Christ bears long with me and doesn't give up on me even though I struggle so much. He still loves me enough to work in my heart and bear with me even as I continue to struggle because He sees the finished product, even when I don't.

Erick C. —

I don’t understand God and the endless grace He has for me. I’m so faithless and doubtful yet He still stands there patiently and loyally waits for me. No matter what, He bears long even through the storms that come and pass. I’m speechless for His love and I’m in awe. It’s mind boggling and I’m confused, but this is the one thing I do understand, I am truly loved.

Gaby E. —

I wrestle with understanding why God continually shows me His love and grace despite all my short comings. This week I was challenged to suffer alongside my teammate, whenever she had a short coming I had to bear the consequences. The Lord used that to remind me, “How many times have you done that to me?” and He is faithful enough to continue to pursue because He sees the outcome of my walk. I was able to fix my eyes on Him and choose to love my teammate and encourage her, for her sake not my own self. Bearing with others how Jesus bears with me through His love and grace.

Jacqueline S. —

I learned that Jesus bears long with me in my weaknesses and in my stubborness. How many times does He probably tell me the same thing yet I don’t listen? Either because I don't want to or because I lack faith. Yet, He never walks away or gets frustrated with me. He continues to bear with me through this walk as I stumble all over the place and He is so quick to pick me up when I cry out to Him. To think that Jesus left heaven in all of its perfection to deal with such imperfection here on earth shows me how great His love is for us. I find it hard to bear with my teammates for two months! It just doesn’t make sense that He would continue to bear with us for this long and will continue to bear with us until we meet Him face to face.

Michaela Y. —

This week I was reminded that Christ not only bore long with me on the cross but continues to long-suffer with me each day. Jesus is showing me that His correction and discipline are ways that He loves His people. That He is a jealous God and desires my whole heart, and this at times looks like Him chipping away the areas that are holding me back from Him. This is a process and takes time. But God showed me He will continue to long-suffer with me that He might make me more like Him.

Tyler D. —

This week opened my eyes to a lot of things in life. I’m learning how to bear with others no matter what happens in life, whether their fault or mine. I can do this because God bears with me more than I ever could with anyone. He constantly is long-suffering for me and bearing long with love despite all my sins and iniquities.

Rachel AdamsComment