Hope Purifies

1 John 3:1-3 says that everyone who has the hope of Christ in him will purify himself. From Romans 5:3-5, we know that purification, or sanctification, so often comes through tribulation. What did you learn this week about how tribulation produces perseverance, character and a hope that does not disappoint?

Christine Q. —

This week I’ve learned that it is only God’s Word that can comfort us and that going through suffering is a blessing for it is then that we truly see God for who He is in our lives. Through trusting in His Word and having that hope in Christ alone, no matter what comes my way I know that God has allowed it and He doesn’t waste pain and suffering. For none of these things shall move me.

Carroll H. —

Walking into the week of suffering kept me on edge at every point. The main difference for me seemed to lie in where I would keep my focus. Would I trust Jesus despite the discomfort that I’m feeling In a strenuous situation, or would I blame Him for putting me through it. Trusting in the Lord was definitely hard in the midst of it but when I made a conscious choice to submit. All suffering became a gain.

Devin M. —

I learned how hard tribulations actually are and how much harder they are going to be out in the real world. But through those tribulations and the pain and suffering where is your mind focused on, yourself or God? Let me tell you when you focus on God you are able to persevere through the pain and the pain seems to be non-existent anymore. Therefore hoping in tribulation and putting your trust in God through the hard times will produce a newer you with a character that God has willed for you to be!

Diamond S. —

This past week has been challenging but so good. I learned through the challenges, the “tribulations” to rely on the Lord for strength and was spiritually worked out. I’ve been experiencing how tribulations work like weights. As things got heavy, my spiritual muscles, the inward things were being worked out and it was not easy but strengthened me. Perseverance was built and seen as the Lord got me through all those challenges, and because I trusted in Him as I went through these things my character was being built. I can trust Him to get me through a tough season, when it feels like I’m low on friends/people around me. This also strengthened my hope because I know that I can trust Him with whatever comes.

Erick C. —

This past week has been painful and long but through it, I have been given a revelation. I have learned that tribulation is something to rejoice and glory in. With the trials we face, I now feel hope knowing that Christ is using it to shape me more into an image like God’s. The Lord takes my struggles and turns it into something beautiful.

Gaby E. —

Until this week I really didn't understand how pain or tribulation could produce anything good in us even more how it would give me perseverance or build character in me. Seeing those come to life this week and thinking back to Jesus how Him going to the cross was painful He faced every tribulation in a way we never could. He is the hope that doesn’t disappoint and I know that when I'm going through tribulation I can fix my eyes on Him knowing that it only draws me closer to Him.

Jacqueline S. —

We can never build character and perseverance without being in a situation that calls for these characteristics to be played out. This week the Lord asked me to give up control of a lot of things and to just sit at His feet. With the harder circumstances we were given there was a brief moment of panic that certain things wouldn't get done and unbelief that God would just ask me to spend time with Him. Even in those moments were sometimes hard because my flesh just wanted to sleep, but my spirit hungered for communion with the Lord. As I practiced perseverance I noticed a difference in myself when I spent time with God verses when I was far from Him. He also reminded me that He will cover me in areas that He asks me to let go of.

Michaela Y. —

Suffering is something as humans we try so hard to avoid. And honestly before this week I didn't really see how suffereing could produce anything good. But as I was put through trial I saw how the Lord met me in that place and is in the process of teaching me things I need to work on. And as the Lord was revealing these things I am learning to trust that He will continue the good work He began in me. Jesus is teaching me to see things from His perspective and not my own. He is reminding me my hope is in Him and not the unstable things of this world.

Tyler D. —

I learned a lot this week about how hope purifies. The verse that I meditated on was Romans 5:3-5 and that helped me get through the week. The week started off really rough for me but towards the end I was able to find joy in the midst of suffering. I knew what it was going to produce afterwards and how it’s actually a part of my sanctification process, which helped me trust God. I’m also realizing that it's a honor to suffer for God. He only puts you through it because He loves you and He's purifying and sanctifying you for a specific purpose. I was really able to understand and see my tribulation produce perseverance and then perseverance to character: I saw my character change. Then from character to hope.

Rachel AdamsComment