Blessed Hope

According to Titus 2:11-14, grace is our teacher and we have a blessed hope to look forward to. What have you learned this week about living out these two truths?

Christine Q. —

I have learned this week in knowing that we have a blessed hope of seeing Jesus face to face one day, I don’t have to worry about tomorrow or about life but I am to simply fear Him and fully commit myself to Him. I need to be reminded daily that my life is not my own and that this is not my home. I am here to build God’s kingdom and not my own little kingdom. The Lord has placed me where I am for His purpose and for His glory, therefore, I can keep trusting Him in the good times and in the bad.

Carroll H. —

This week, “Denying ungodliness, and worldly lusts” from Titus 2:11-14 stood out to me more than anything. My walk requires me to act upon the Word. There is so much depth to this as a man who continues to grow in the Word of God. This week has played a critical role in my life knowing that our knowledge of the future should change they way we look at the Lord’s coming. Day in and day out. Humility and integrity are what Christians are required to put on, knowing that our actions can lead others out of the darkness through the Spirit. I’m called to be a witness!

Devin M. —

This week has really just been a week in growing in a confident expectation that God is going to call us back one day! We don’t have to worry about if He his going to come back because we know that He is because the prophecies have been fulfilled! We need to know that the love of Christ is just so strong and we are awaiting His glorious return. God’s riches at Christ’s expense—this is what grace is and it is what God has given us every single day as we are still on this earth to be able to minister the gospel.

Diamond S. —

This week, I have been re-learning how to live in blessed hope; a confident expectation in the Lord, knowing He could come back at any moment. In one of our classes, we studied about the faithful and unfaithful servant in Luke 12:35-48. It talks about one servant being faithful and diligent in work knowing that the Master could return at any moment, and the other servant being lazy and doing his own thing. The faithful servant represents how we should live, in the confident expectation that we will see Him one day face to face and that He is coming back. Also, after memorizing this verse about grace being our teacher, I learned more about what it meant as I walked through the week. Whenever I’d find myself struggling, instead of going to condemnation, I remember that I have received God’s grace.

Erick C. —

This week, I’ve had spiritual awakening. The Lord revealed to me that outwardly I appear to be living out a life dedicated to Christ but in reality I have actually lived for myself. My faith wasn’t in God but in my own being. I was selfishly choosing to submit to my flesh rather than to my Savior. My faith was dead. It was from that that I’ve decided to renew my mind. I confessed, repented, and brought it to the Lord, praying for a change of heart to make Christ the center of my life and my blessed hope.

Gaby E. —

Something that impacted me this week on His grace is that we didn't earn it, it was brought to us, it is for everyone, for all men. Why am I to pick and choose who to share it to or not to, everyone deserves His grace. It really cut to my heart in what I actually put my hope in, it wasn’t on His return. Through this week that changed to living in that hope daily.

Jacqueline S. —

I've never correlated grace with teaching, but as I grow deeper in my understanding of what grace really means I recognize that we are constantly surrounded by grace. Every act of God, every learning lesson, every circumstance, every hardship is all grace because God works everything out for our good. In order to live out these two truths in Titus 2:11-14, I need to change my perspective. I need to renew my mind on truth and the truth is God is greater than man and God cares about me. These two I believe are foundational in seeing grace as my teacher and truly having a blessed hope.

Michaela Y. —

If hope is not wishful thinking but a confident expectation, then the blessed hope promised to me by Jesus should radically change the way that I live. This week my faith in this hope was tested. And many times I saw that my understanding of what is to come was so off. One day we will get to be with Christ for eternity, what a great truth we get to live in light of. And while we wait, I want to be diligent in sharing the gospel so many will be there on that day.

Tyler D. —

Hope is a confident expectation, and I have a confident expectation that Jesus is coming back. I know He is and the reality is that He can at anytime. In Luke 12, it talks about how we need to be like watchers in the night, fervently waiting for when He returns that we're not surprised. If I truly act that way, as if everyday is the day He is coming, it will change the way I live. I wouldn't live for myself if I believed that Jesus was coming back today.

Rachel AdamsComment