Love Hopes All Things

Lamentations 3:24 says, “The Lord is my portion…therefore I hope in Him.” What did you learn this week about the Lord being your portion?

Christine Q. —

This week I’ve learned and really got to examine myself if the Lord was truly enough for me. The Lord kept reminding me of 1 Timothy 6:6, “Now godliness with contentment is great gain.” It wasn’t just about being content with what I have or being content in this season that I’m in but finding my contentment in Him alone. If I am truly convinced that nothing else can satisfy other than my relationship with Jesus then there is nothing else I really need. I must continue to purpose to walk in the Spirit daily and trust the Lord in the process.

CJ H. —

Considering the mercies, compassions, and faithfulness of God, God alone is the portion that can infinitely provide for me in my needs. He has carried me through a lot, and continues to refresh my soul in comfort of the living hope. This particular week was a week of reflection and deep meditation on God’s work the past 10 weeks. I’m an heir and it’s wonderful having a better picture of what He has done in my life then when I first embarked on this journey. In essence God is my one and only portion.

Devin M. —

It is because of the Lord and what He has already done for me that I can feed from Him. I deserve death but because of grace I can count every little thing joy because it is a gift from God. He fills me, gives me a purpose, a reason to be alive and to live here on this earth and to make His name great. So because of this very thing I can hope in Him that He will provide me exactly what I need and He knows exactly what I need.

Diamond S. —

This week the Lord has been revealing to me how my belief affects my behavior. He’s been showing me how the things I struggle with: the insecurities, fears, discontentment, doubt, lack of joy, jealousy, man-pleasing, etc. are rooted in my belief about Him. They are there because I haven’t been believing that He truly is my portion as Lamentations 3:24 talks about, and that He is enough. But God has been so faithful and patient in changing my heart. My heart is learning to trust Him more and more as each day goes by, as His Word is renewing my mind, and I am learning to walk with and know His voice. I’m getting to know His heart towards me.

Erick C. —

Because of Christ, I am alive! I have decided I’m putting off the old and putting on the new. I am a new creation! It’s going to be an everyday and every second choice for me to live out a life completely for Him, but it is finished! I’ve been called out of my grave and He’s opened my tomb. And now, I’m straight-running out!

Gaby E. —

This week I learned what it actually means when I say the Lord is my portion. The Lord had to bring me to my knees. His mercies, His faithfulness to know them in my own life and believe it. I didn’t believe He was my portion because I lacked faith, faith in His character. This portion has brought me freedom; it has brought me pure joy and a belief in the hope that I have in Him.

Jacqueline S. —

This week I learned that love hopes all things despite my feelings. After coming out of last week where I was overwhelmed by the Lord’s presence and His love for me I was expecting this week to build on that spiritual high, but it has actually been one of the hardest weeks of the term for me spiritually. My flesh actually felt stronger and I doubted all the work the Lord did in me thus far. But my hope is not in me and my feelings, but it is in Him and His Word. His love for me compels me to hope in Him. My belief affects my behavior and He has already given me a new name, Beloved. The Lord is telling me to receive His gifts, to receive without feeling like I owe Him anything in return. There is nothing i could offer Him that He doesn't already have.

Michaela Y. —

This last week I have been learning that the Lord is enough for me, that He is my portion. There are times where I do not necessarily feel this way, but when I am discontent I am learning the lack is me not abiding in the Lord. Jesus is teaching me to go to Him both when things are hard and when they are good. And as I do this He is all I need.

Tyler D. —

What I loved about this past week is that I learned that there will be times that seem like I don't have enough, and where is God and why is He not providing. He is, He always is. He will always give me enough to sustain me and then when there is really nothing left, He will hold me up. God satisfies me with more than I could ever ask.

Rachel AdamsComment