Love Believes All Things

In Ephesians 5:1-2, we are exhorted to be imitators of God as dear children. We know that our beliefs about God as our Father will affect our behavior as His children. What did you learn this week about how your belief affects your behavior?

Christine Q. —

This week has been one of the most pivotal moments for me, I have learned that what I believe determines whether I have joy and peace in the midst of difficult circumstances or if I will turn to anger, bitterness or discouragement. I can only live a righteous life by knowing the Word of God and it’s our choice if we will believe what God says who He says we are. Knowing that His goal is to sanctify us makes it easy for me to believe that God works everything for good, that He uses everything to make us look more like Christ and that I can view His discipline or chastening as an act of His love and grace. Jesus is enough and He is all we need.

CJ H. —

The belief of being accepted, worthy and even loved are needs embedded inside all of us. Walking as in imitation of Christ was extremely hard this week, but rewarding in a sense that I’m always growing in him. In Romans 5:5b, it says “..because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” I can never imitate Christ in love if I don’t rely on the Spirit. This week has changed me, and now I walk in dependence. I am Fortified.

Devin M. —

This week I was able to understand how the Lord has given me a new name. Through being able to meditate on Psalm 86:11-12 I now know that I am already what the Lord has called me. He named me Upright and I now understand that Jesus already finished His work and already delivered us from the depths of Sheol. And through this belief and knowing who we are to the Lord then our behavior should be joyful even through the trial and through the tribulation.

Diamond S. —

This past week, through the challenges, the Lord has been revealing and challenging me in what I really believe. He’s shown me in different ways how I don’t trust Him at His Word. I’m the person who feels the need to defend and sustain herself, but He is teaching me to really trust and depend on Him totally, knowing that He is faithful and is the One who will keep and strengthen me. I don’t need to rely on myself or go to places of condemnation when I do mess up. His grace covers me and His love for me isn’t any less or more based on my performance. When I believe these things, I will walk in freedom and hope because I am confident in Him and not myself. He has never failed me and never will. What do I have to fear?

Erick C. —

It’s one thing to know but it’s another thing to whole-heartedly believe. I knew I was a child of God, but it’s only now that I truly believe I am. I believe that He is my Father, the King of kings. I believe that I’m His own, and that I am a prince and an heir to the kingdom of heaven. I am royalty and most of all one of His beloved. I don’t need any more validation. I don’t ever have to prove myself because I have been redeemed and justified by His never-ending love.

Gaby E. —

The Lord showed me how everything that I do, I do it on my own strength and I focus on what I can do instead of relying on the Lord. The Lord had to bring me to my bottomless pit to understand that I am nothing, I have nothing to offer. It’s from Him that I receive my worth, it’s by His grace and grace alone. He brought me to a completer surrender, to believe in His love and that He already sees me as my new name all I have to do is walk in it.

Jacqueline S. —

This week I learned that because my belief affects my behavior, I have not been believing that God’s grace abounds for me and that I am free from sin because of his grace. Patmos is a ministry that really exposes our true selves, but I can either take it to a place of condemnation or a place of repentance and hope in the One who promises to change me. I found out that I don't believe that Jesus dying on the cross was enough to wipe away my sins and that I have been trying to pay for my sins and earn God’s love. But this week I was overwhelmed by what God was telling me and that he calls me Beloved. That He sees me as beautiful and spotless. That He not only loves me, but He desires me, that He takes delight in me. That He finds joy in spending time with me and He is just asking me to receive His love for free.

Michaela Y. —

This week the Lord reminded me how great His love is for me. That He has not just called me out of darkness to glorify Him or to be used as His vessel, but also for the sake of my relationship with Him. When I misunderstand His heart or do not trust Him, this is shown in the way that I live my life. As I learn more of who He is and His good character, I am not so easily moved.

Tyler D. —

I learned this week that belief affects your behavior. This week I was given a new name, not that anything is wrong with the name I have now, but as Jesus re-named Simon to Peter, I too was renamed. I was renamed because God is changing me into the man He wants me to become and He sees that. God knows who I am and who I will be so He doesn't treat me on my past but on who I am becoming. The name He gave was Israel, which means ‘directed by God’ or ‘governed by God’. Now I have decision to believe that or not. If I truly believe that God sees me as Israel, a man that is directed by Him and His word, not by Tyler, then my actions will show it. My belief in what God has called me to be will affect my behavior.

Rachel AdamsComment