Apostolos – Judea & Samaria

The Holy Spirit has given us gifts for the service of the bride of Christ as well as for reaching the lost in our Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. What did you learn this week about operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit for His glory?

Christine Q. —

I have found myself and our team to be more sensitive to the leading of the Spirit, and the Spirit gives us boldness and courage to share the gospel to those that don’t know Him. The Lord has given each of us gifts necessary to do the work that He wants to accomplish and I am just a vessel for Him to use. I can’t do the work of the ministry without the power of the Holy Spirit.

CJ H. —

Ultimately, all gifts and pure desires come from the Spirit. Operating in the Spirit is acknowledging that I can’t please God without the relationship, because I can’t do anything apart from Christ. There must be consistent prayer and trust in the Spirit’s power and promise. I have come to understand that when the Spirit is used in ministry, all praise must be given back.

Devin M. —

Operating in the gifts that the Lord has so graciously given us is actually a lot harder than I thought. It is hard but at the same time so rewarding to know that I am doing the work of my Father! He has given me these special gifts of pastor, faith, and service. I praise God for these gifts because the Holy Spirit has given me these gifts and I am learning how to walk in them and can practice walking in them. Overall this week was beautiful being able to walk in the gifts that the Spirit has given me and thanking the Giver, not praising the gift over Him.

Diamond S. —

This week I learned that operating in the gifts of the Spirit requires absolute dependency upon Him. The gifts that we have cannot be mustered up in our own strength, nor are they meant merely for the benefit of ourselves (1 Corinthians 12). The gifts God has given us are meant to edify the church and bring Him glory. It was really cool this week to walk in the gifts in His strength. I found it drawing me closer to Him; showing me that when we use our gifts in God’s will, we ourselves are encouraged and find great joy as well.

Erick C. —

The Holy Spirit has given me gifts. Like all things with the Lord, there is purpose. I don’t have these things for no reason, they are there for me to praise and ultimately glorify my Father. But with it, I must remember where these blessings come from and that I should consider myself unworthy because only all glory could ever go to God.

Gaby E. —

Zechariah 4:6b reads, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” In the gifts that He has given me I cannot operate in my own strength, it has to be through His Spirit. I learned that when I decide to do this and walk in His spirit it motivates me to share the gospel, it almost gives me boldness to share with the lost. The Lord also reminded me: “but have not love, I am nothing” (1 Corinthians 13:2b). Just like I can’t do it in my own strength, I have use these gifts in love; His love.

Jacqueline S. —

This week I learned that operating in the gift of the Holy Spirit for His glory is not on my command, but on God's. He gives us these gifts when needed, at His will, not my own. I found that I often times put expectations on God and the moving of His Spirit and when I don't see those expectations come true, I am discouraged and start to doubt the Spirit in my life. But, when I just surrender any preconceived beliefs of how He is going to speak to me or how He is going to use me, I see His faithfulness in unexpected ways and it's so natural and joyful.

Michaela Y. —

Getting to operate in the gifts from the Lord has shown me more of the power of the Holy Spirit. Because walking in them is not natural, I am learning what it looks like to be more dependent on Him. And as I've gotten the opportunity to walk in my gifts, I have seen the impact the gifts can make on the body of Christ. It is so good that we are not called to do the Christian walk alone, we have the Holy Spirit who is our helper, and other believers to run this race with.

Tyler D. —

This week has taught me a lot about my spiritual gifts and how I can use them to glorify the Lord. Humility is something I struggle with but it plays a huge part in how I can use my gifts. The Lord wants be to be at a place where my character can hold any position I’m in. I don't want to use my gifts pridefully lest I get any of the glory, but rather humbly so that it's the Holy Spirit working in me for His glory and His kingdoms sake.

Rachel AdamsComment