Faith Works

James 2:26 says that faith without works is dead. What did you learn this week about what it means to put your faith into action?

Christine Q. –

I learned this week that genuine faith is motivated by love, God’s love for me and my love for Him, then from this the evidence will show through the fruits that are produced in my life. It starts with learning to trust Him in the small things. A lot of times the things He is calling us to is beyond us, but He is the one that equips us. This kind of faith enables us to rejoice and love amid suffering and trial. It reminds me to always allow the Lord to change my mindset, heart, and will and to be completely dependent upon Him. Especially learning a lot about the persecuted church this week, having a genuine faith became more real for me and just seeing how faithful and good God is to His kids.

Carroll H. –

Every challenge this week required something a little more than endurance, a little more than strength. It required faith. Late nights and early mornings are typically a result of weariness and exhaustion, and as much as those are true, I’ve learned that God can lead me to places that my body and my mind could never take me. Fears are silenced. Doubts are destroyed. Faith is seeing God’s way and no other. I’m so thankful for the ways this team has grown by walking into faith by submitting everything to the leadership and I’m blessed to be here to witness and grow with my brothers and sisters here. Faith always prevails!

Devin M. –

Putting your faith into actions means giving yourself up for others. It means in that in all you do, do it in knowing that the Lord is in control and that there is nothing to fear because we have the victory. We are on the side of victory because of Christ and what He did on the cross. It is through the love of God that we can continue to push through trial and tribulation and as long as we set our minds on Christ and represent Him, we can do all things.

Diamond S. –

This week I’ve been learning just how important it is to be Spirit filled and led in order to be able to put faith into action. When I looked to myself or my own strength throughout the week, I knew I didn’t have the strength to put my faith into action, to trust the Lord in the midst of physical trial. I’ve also learned this week of the trials my persecuted brothers and sisters around the world go through and it inspires me to put my faith into action. Putting faith into action means doing what we’ve learned in the Word: going the extra mile, humbling ourselves before the Lord, taking time to pray and seek His will. It’s not easy and won’t just happen, but if I want to put my faith into action then I must be intentional about it.

Erick C. –

Putting your faith to work is an action. For example, our Christian beliefs speaks loudest through our secret works; prayer, fasting, and giving. Our faith is not simply proven with words. As Christians, we do not need any direct proclamation that we believe in the truth. The world should know through our actions that we believe in the living God.

Gaby E. –

To have a faith with internal perspective, to have our minds set things above, on His Word. A faith that believes in who our Father is. To have that fervent love that sets us apart, to walk in humility, to be steadfast when the waves crash. I don’t want to continue to have a complacent faith, I want to have an underground church type of faith.

Jacqueline S. –

This week I learned that putting my faith into action usually requires a cost. There have been moments that I have had to make the action of stepping out in faith that cost me my time, comfort, and control. The hardest one for me is control, but the more I let go the more I learn to trust God. I am learning to walk in freedom instead of fear.

Michaela Y. –

This week I learned that the evidence of our faith will be shown by our works. We got the opportunity to look at the lives of others who are willing to lay everything down for the sake of the kingdom of God. Having a working faith requires that we have a heavenly perspective and take our focus off the things of this world that are here for a moment but gone tomorrow. I am learning to set my hope on eternity and not in the things of this world.

Tyler D. –

What I learned this week about putting my faith into action were 3 things; giving, prayer, and fasting. I learned about giving of my time, talent, treasure, and my testimony. I’ve learned a lot about prayer and how I can put my faith into action as well. I've also learned how faith doesn't work. It doesn't work by being negative, putting others down without self control or integrity. I have learned a lot about how powerful your mouth is. I want to be man that builds up, not tears down.

Rachel AdamsComment