Faith Transforms

As we let God remove the veil and look into His glory as a mirror, we will be transformed (2 Corinthians 3:18). What did you learn this week about the transformation process?


Christine Q. —

I have learned that faith is a process, the Lord is molding, shaping and transforming us through every process, life experience, and circumstance. He allows things to happen in our lives for His purpose and our good (Romans 8:28). I'm thankful for God's sovereignty over my life. I know that whatever comes my way, I can go through it because I have a heavenly Father who loves me, cares about me and is always with me.


Carroll H. —

I've learned so much in one week, and the most impactful thing I learned this far is that following Jesus is not a solo sprint, but rather a team relay. Being transformed starts with Jesus and this week I was given tests physically and mentally all for one goal to rely on Christ.


Devin M. —

This week I was able to understand so much more about the transformation process. A couple of the things that I can now see clearly is how much patience it takes for transformation. We are being transformed into, “…the same image from glory to glory, just as by the spirit of the Lord.” Just like it says in 2 Corinthians 3:18 it is such a beautiful image to know that each and everyday we are able to become more and more like our God.


Diamond S. —

This week has been more of a reminder than learning something new about transformation. I was encouraged when reminded that I am being made into the image of Christ. On the other hand, something I never really thought about until now is the part that says "glory to glory". It was so cool to look at it in this way, that transformation takes time and there are different stages, but they are glorious because Jesus is the one working in us. I tend to focus on the bad that will "change" as I transform rather than who is transforming me and why it has any affect at all, and it blows my mind that I get to be a part of what Jesus is doing, and wherever He is there is glory. So the degrees of glory are not because of anything in myself but because Jesus is with me, doing the transformation.


Erick C. —

Faith is transforming me greatly. I’ve learned to fix my eyes on the Lord. I find myself no longer limiting myself to the physical capabilities of what I think I can really do. My thinking has leveled up to be more spiritual and doing that has allowed me to push my boundaries both physically and mentally for through all things, I can accomplish through God.


Gaby E. —

To be transformed into the same image, from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18) became so real my first week at Patmos. To really ask myself the question who am I? Truly. This week the Lord has been showing me the parts of my flesh I didn’t know I had, I have never felt so weak in my life yet I've never leaned on Him so much. The scriptures have become more alive to me than ever before.


Jacqueline S. —

This week I learned the sufficiency and provision of God's grace. Just like with the Israelites in the wilderness where He gave them new manna enough for each day, God would provide and give me what I needed each day. I often found myself in fear of the future, but God would remind me "I am here now, and I will be with you tomorrow." My dependence on God has grown ever stronger as I walk through things I am not capable of.


Michaela Y. —

The opportunity for transformation this week was offered in the form of total brokenness and a call to surrender my lack of trust in the Lord. And honestly I wrestled through frustration and confusion in my heart and mind. But as I sought the Lord, His heart and purpose for transformation, He gently reminded me it was for His glory. That my focus had been off thinking that my growth really in the end was to have anything to do with me at all. 


Tyler D. —

The Lord has taught me this week a lot about discipline and mercy. Hebrews 12:3-11 is something that He used mainly to minister to me. Through all the tribulation and suffering and discipline, I can see how God loves me. He disciplines us for our benefit.

Rachel Adams2 Comments