It's Been a While...


Two years and three terms later, the Lord has continued to provide and make Patmos: Reality Discipleship thrive in Southern California. We have settled into our new primary location in the San Bernadino mountains, and just this year become established as a ministry of Coast Hills Church in Aliso Viejo, CA. Our founder, Pastor Chet Lowe, has excepted the call this past year to be the senior pastor at Coast Hills, a community of believers who have welcomed our ministry with open arms and made us feel at home. To all of you who have followed our journey around the world—from the Bahamas, to Brazil, to Florida, to El Salvador, and now to California—thank you for your continual investment in and support of this ministry. We hope both the staff and student blog entries encourage your hearts as we strive to glorify Christ through purposed discipleship. Similar to when Abraham was commanded by God to leave his home and journey to an unknown land (Hebrews 11:8), five young men and nine young women have also chosen to follow God’s call and be challenged for the purpose of change with a number of unknowns ahead. They have decided to leave behind the comforts of home, family, routine, sleep, food, and other dependencies we as sinful people naturally cling to. This season is an opportunity for them to deny their flesh and fully cling to the cross of Christ when faced with various trials (James 1:2). As these fourteen students become immersed in God’s Word, memorize Scripture, discipline their bodies, unite as one, serve the community, and share their faith with others, they will experience a transformation process only possible by the Holy Spirit and steadfast prayer.

The Patmos 19 class is currently three weeks into the month of Faith, our first pillar followed by Hope, Love, and Greater Love. The students are witnessing their hearts being exposed through challenging situations in order to reveal the affects of sin and its consequences. With that knowledge, they also were given the opportunity last week to experience the mercy and grace of God in an entirely new way. Exodus 34:6-7 says, “The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin…” The Father has extended His mercy towards us by the blood of Christ, and lavishes His grace upon all who believe in Him and come to repentance. This is just a taste of what Patmos 19 has learned so far; a work the Lord has begun in them and will be faithful to complete until the day of Jesus Christ (Romans 5:8).

As the Lord equips these students with weapons necessary to fight the battles ahead—not just in these next four months but in the trials to follow—we ask that you would join us in prayer for each individual and the transformation God desires to accomplish in them during this season. Pray they would rely on the Lord for strength and trust Him when their faith is tested. Pray for the truth of God’s Word to sink deeply into their hearts and affect how they love others. Pray that the mercy and grace of our Savior would both change the way that they live and who they live for. Though you may never step into the shoes of a Patmos student or know of the daily challenges they face, your prayers make a greater impact in their discipleship than you might realize!

All of us here at Patmos: Reality Discipleship are so incredibly thankful for each one of you who have continued to faithfully support and lift up this ministry over the years. As a leadership team, we look forward to sharing more about what the Lord does in and through the Patmos 19 class. God bless!

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