Faith Transforms

As we let God remove the veil and look into His glory as a mirror, we will be transformed (2 Corinthians 3:18). What did you learn this week about the transformation process?

Andres T. – Through just my first week here, I have had the privilege to experience the Lord at such an intimate level. I have realized how eager he is to work in me and transform me into the man He wants to me to be for His glory. The only things necessary are steps of faith and surrender on my part. Through a myriad of challenges, the Lord has revealed areas in my life that need to change and through the teaching of His word, my faith increases. Through walking in the Spirit, I have vividly seen the work of the Spirit in my first week here and I’ve learned what true devotion and sacrifice means for the Lord.

Charlene D. – This first week I’ve learned to have constant obedience in Christ, to walk fervently in the Spirit. I’ve learned it’s hard to be faithful; but I choose to endure in my faith through all trials, and the Lord will be faithful to reward me by transforming me from glory to glory into His perfect image.

Leigh Anne Z. – This week I learned about how transformation requires obedience, diligence, and faith in the One who will carry it out. The process is and will be very painful but I will choose fix my eyes on Jesus and not the waves. I have learned how desperately I need to cling to the Word of God and nothing else.  I am nothing, yet He is everything. I truly lack NOTHING in His presence.

Marissa H. – In this past week I have learned A LOT about faith. I have learned to have faith in times of frustration, vulnerability, and in praise. I have realized that I haven't been as faithful as I could have at times, of course I'm not perfect and I'm a sinner, but I want to try my best to grow in faith. Even just in the first 7 days of being discipled, I have grown in that area by praying more than I used to and just wanting to praise God through the fruit of faithfulness. Faith has transformed me so far into depending not on myself but to depend solely on God, which has taught me how to have faith in my team as well instead of having the mindset of having to do it on my own because “I would do it better.” I am so grateful God has grown me and continues to grow me so I can be transformed by faith.

Neil C. – One week has passed and I have already learned so much of God's great love for me and His desire for me to follow Him. In order to follow my savior I have been shown the weight of the ministry that He has specifically chosen for me. Through the challenges I have experienced, I have seen His strength in my weakness. I need the Word, not only in times of victory, but also in times of failure and trials as my armor in battle. The grace that He offers is unlike any other, His mercy is unending. How great is His love for me! I look forward to see what the Lord has for me in these coming months. I am excited to know more of His character and further my relationship with the One who calls me friend.

Jared R. – It has been a week since starting my exciting adventure with Patmos, and it has been so much more than I ever expected it would be! Learning about our Lord and His good character through all my challenges this week have been a great way to strip down my flesh, and grow more like the person of Jesus each and every day. I realized that in my weakest times, that it is there that Jesus makes His presence known to me. It is there that I am able to experience the fullness of His character and His almighty love and grace towards me. With a week already under my belt, I am looking forward to seeing how and what the Lord is going to do through this next week to continue to mold and shape me into the man He is calling me to be. 

Sophia P. – During this past week at Patmos, we have been learning about transformational faith. I’ve learned how important it is to not be content with your faith being stagnant, there is always room for growth. There is so much I could write, so much I’m still learning but I’ve decided to write about one point that stood out to me. It’s the word choose/choice. I cannot become more like Christ without wanting to. Transformation takes the personal choice everyday, to put aside the things I want or the things that I think I need and press forward, towards a deeper intimacy with Christ. I need to choose to keep my eyes on Him; walk in the Spirit, listen to the Word, follow Jesus and to change. This is continuous. Everyday I must decide to allow God to take away the worldly things that I cling to. He is calling me deeper and I am going to obey.

Zachary G. – It has been quite the first week at Patmos. As we study and are challenged to apply the truth of the theme for this week “Faith Transforms”, the Lord has sustained and provided in supernatural ways. We’ve looked at examples of people in scripture being transformed, and “[beheld] the glory of the Lord” in scripture. He’s begun transformation in my heart into His image from glory to glory.. The Lord has worked in my heart and one of my biggest desires coming out of the week is that God would remove my fear of man and transform me into someone that only cares about what He thinks. There has been so much to learn and so many powerful examples and parallels of Biblical truth that I pray I never forget.

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