Blessed Hope

According to Titus 2:11-14, grace is our teacher and we have a blessed hope to look forward to. What have you learned this week about living out these two truths?

Andres T. – This week, I have been able to understand in a much greater way how the Lord wants us to live every day according to the blessed hope we have in Christ as well as living in His grace. I’ve learned that His grace liberates us and teaches us how to live out a life of freedom. We also have the privilege to share the blessed hope of Christ’s return with others, and it reminds us of the urgency we should have to share with them about the necessity of salvation.

Charlene D. – This week, I’ve been learning about how grace awakens my life and because of grace I am free to be who God has brought me up to uniquely be. Understanding how vast and incredible God’s grace truly is humbles me, and as I humble myself, His grace will fall on me all the more. I strive to be as gracious and loving as He is. There are so many promises that are packed in the Bible it is overwhelming. I have a strong and sure hope in Christ’s second coming and that when I’m no longer here I’ll be in paradise with Him.

Jared R. – Grace is our teacher in many ways than I previously knew. I first realized that the Lord was showing to me that I needed to first receive grace myself, before I ever consider trying to extend grace to others. Jesus is the best giver of grace to us. Based on this week, I was able to learn how to extend that same grace to my teammates, and I’m excited to continue to show grace to others because it was Jesus who first extended this gift to me.

Leigh Anne Z. – This week I learned that if grace is my teacher, I still have so much to learn. I realize the areas of my life that are affected by a lack of understanding in God’s grace. Some of those include unrealistic expectations on self and others, being stuck in shame, controlling others and not letting them be who they are meant to be.  It is a long process learning to accept God’s grace instead of resisting it. I have a blessed hope in truth that Jesus is coming back to make all things new, and there is peace to be found in this promise.

Marissa H. – Grace is my teacher. I’ve realized without out grace, you can’t learn how to forgive. Forgiveness is one way to show Gods grace to others. Learning in depth about how much grace God has for me has been such an amazing thing to experience. Looking forward to the that hope in Jesus that He brings salvation and He is coming soon and He will snatch His church up. I am one of His many special people that get the opportunity to spend eternity with Him.

Neil C. – Grace has taught me that His love is something that I do not deserve. The Father has bestowed that grace unto me. I have been guilty of abusing that grace, but now I know what I am called to do. Our blessed hope in the return of our Savior, our role is to share the testimony of Jesus Christ and prepare for His glorious appearing. I must be zealous for good works so that when He does return, the Father will have no trouble recognizing me and He will say well done.

Sophia P. – This week I learned about the blessed hope that I have in the coming of Christ. I realized more and more how blessed this hope truly is. We get to be with Jesus, it’s almost too crazy to comprehend. He gave us a whole book on His second coming, I have no reason whatsoever to not be ready. So what do I do now? I’m learning that my walk lacks zeal. I need to be zealous for the works of God and for the saving of His own special people. Everyday that He doesn’t come back is an opportunity to bring more people into the body of Christ. He wants as many of His people to be with Him, that’s why He hasn’t come yet. I need to be zealous for the works of my Savior.

Zachary G. – Throughout this week we have focused a lot on how our knowledge of the future should affect our current actions. Further understanding that evangelism needs to be a lifestyle and not an event has challenged and inspired me to be more aware of everyday opportunities to be a minister of the gospel. Grace should not stop with me, so if I am not giving grace then I do not fully understand the grace that I have received. The time is short and the grace of God should be overflowing in my life everywhere I go.

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